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Sprinkler Hanger

Ferry International is the prominent Sprinkler Hanger manufacturers that have the right fastening solution to offer under one-roof. It is known for its easy installation and used for suspending pipes in fire fighting systems. Its sleek design and metal finish not only improve its performance but also increase its demand in the market. We are professional and use only progressive technique and finest quality material for manufacturing our complete range.

This Sprinkler Pipe Hanger is obtainable in different designs and provision, so, customers can make their choice as per their application convenience. These are used in many areas like suspending pipes, especially in fire fighting system, chemical and petrochemical industries, etc. Its design helps to adjust the height and angle of support and makes its working easier and smoother.

Being the renowned Sprinkler Hanger Clamps suppliers and exporters we dedicatedly provide doorstep delivery and around the clock support. Before it’s too late for your application, pick your phone and make a call on the given numbers. We are here to answer all your questions.

Benefits Of Sprinkler Hanger

  • Breaking load in traction
  • It's one piece clip allows the high permissible load
  • It allows the mounting support without even using any other tool
  • Give you full freedom for adjusting the height as well as supporting angles
  • Comes with a locking device that helps to provide easy pre-mounting

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