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Ferry International, founded in 1957, has established with the view of fulfilling the industrial needs of Anchor, Washer, Screw, Nut Bolt, Threaded Rod, Clamp, Pipe, etc. With the vast experience in the field, we are leading as one of the top notch Anchor manufacturers from Delhi, India.

To provide the world with the whole new industrial experience and revolutionize the use of the fasteners, we are wholly dedicated to your service with the international standard products and customer care services. You can customize the size of the Threaded Rod for the precise dimensional accuracy, to meet your specific need. We are here to provide the best types of fasteners in your hands at industry leading prices.

You can contact us for the product knowledge and customer services, we are happy to help you. If you are looking for one of the prominent Washer exporters and suppliers in India, then you are at the right place. Visit our product page to explore the range of the fasteners offered by us.

Ferry International

Welcome To Ferry International

Our only mission is to provide exceptional products and we improve our facilities and infrastructure with time for the same. Our entire team works on the same aim, so clients will receive exceptional products from our end.

We want to be the trusted platform for all to buy different types of fasteners. With our sharp and straightforward vision, we keep ourselves ready to walk a few miles extra, to attain 100% client satisfaction.

We deliver exceptional quality, as it’s the key to our success that help us maintain our lasting relationships with our customers. We use the best raw materials and technology to keep a tab on the quality.

Different Fasteners, Different Demands

Fasteners are versatile and so are their needs. Therefore, we serve customized range that meets their needs and fit their stipulated budget as well. Check out our range on the website and speak with our experts, to know our products and their prices better.

Din 933 931 Hex Bolt


The Role Of Flange Nuts In Chemical Industries
The Role Of Flange Nuts In Chemical Industries

Flange nuts are installed throughout various industries to give you flawless operation in the applications. They are most used in the joints of various Pipelines, Valves, Flange Joints, etc. Ferry International is the most fabricated Nut Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in the global market areas.

Know More About Self-Tapping Screws
Know More About Self-Tapping Screws

These Self-tapping screws are very much known because they drill their own holes when they are screwed into any of the material. It mostly drills in plastic, wood or metal materials for fastening purpose. They are ideal for combining two different types of material; where there is only one side access is available.

General Safety Tips That You Should Never Avoid While Using Fasteners
General Safety Tips That You Should Never Avoid While Using Fasteners

Fasteners play an important role in different application areas of the industry and it is highly important to use them in a right way to avoid problems and catastrophic situations. There are many tips associated with the use of fasteners so you can keep yourself save while working in the danger.

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