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Where Are Eye Bolts Used?

An eye bolt is a type of bolt fastener which is known for its unique design and shape. It has a loophole on the one end and threads on the other end. They are made in one piece and have great tensile strength due to its unique design that can withstand loads. Eye Bolt Manufacturers used a different material for manufacturing the bolt, but mainly it is made of metal. These may have many uses that vary as per their size, shape, design, strength and other specifications. Mainly they are used for attaching a string to the back of a portrait, which allowed it to hang from a nail on any of the place.

They have their uses in a number of applications from industrial lifting and material handling equipment to Dockside cranes. In most of the application, eye nuts are used in the place of eye bolts as they are known for serving the same results as it has a threaded hole in the loop, which helps to pass on and tighten the cable or any rope. Eye Bolts are also recognized by different names such as Lifting Bolts, Eye Lags, Eye Screws, etc. From your home to industries to marine areas, eye bolts are used everywhere.

After understanding its importance in your application, when you step out to buy the same, you have to aware of all your needs like the right size, type, and material, etc. Ferry International, being the preeminent Screw Manufacturers, we have all types of fasteners to offer as per the need of your application and industry. Start a conversation with us via a call or email to know more about our products and their prices.

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